Excellent Caring Doctors

UCLA Health article

In 2015 my husband was diagnosed with radiation induced sarcoma. The tumor was in an area that would require massive reconstruction of his face/jaw. Needless to say, we were very scared but not having the surgery was not an option. We were referred to UCLA for treatment. We met Dr. Blackwell (reconstruction) who was very pleasant and VERY thorough. We then met Dr. St. John who would be removing the tumor. From the moment she stepped in the room and greeted us with her kind voice and asked us about our kids, dogs, etc..we went from being terrified to feeling a sense of calm. Everything was going to be okay. We felt we were in the best hands for this complex procedure and truly felt Dr. St. John cared. The surgery was beyond successful. In fact, what Dr. St.John did was just short of a miracle. Our family will forever be grateful to Dr. St. John, Dr. Blackwell and their team for the excellent care my husband received.