Father's Complicated Case of Pneumonia


It’s been 2 weeks since my dad was transferred to UCLA hospital. (Currently there in the ICU).

This has been a very complicated case and the following will explain why.

Upon arrival at UCLA an assessment took place, many different test and scans were taken. Checking all organs and organ systems (All of which came back normal). Covering all bases to plan what approach they were going to use to treat his infections in the most effective way. (Infections diagnosed were- Staph Pneumonia, Sepsis, and Mrsa). For those of you who know... these are serious infections that don’t go untreated or ignored for they’re deadly. During this time he was still in an induced coma to let his body rest while the Medical equipment did the healing for him..

A specialized hospital bed known as “RotoProne” is a bed that rotates a patient lying prone for 16hrs and then rotated lying in a supine position for 8hrs. This was a technique the Doctors used because it’s known to help move accumulated fluid in the lungs. While using this technique they were able to wean him off of the ventilator by gradually decreasing the support. Interesting enough, my dads vitals- blood pressure, temperature, etc. were uncontrollable.. up and down everyday. The antibiotics given at first weren’t successful at fighting his infection OR to break his fever so, many different types of antibiotics were being used. Sadly it was announced that he had actually suffered a stroke during hospitalization possibly due to the stress on the body. This is thought to be the cause of irregular vitals along with him not improving as fast as they wanted. However, he’s now finally slowly improving from the infection... the real concern now is focusing on the impact of the stroke and what it may have affected. At this time doctors believe it was minor and it is projected that he will make a full recovery with no impairments. It was only a few days ago Doctors were able to lower his sedation meds allowing them to observe anything that may be of concern due to the stroke he endured. Complicated enough, his lungs still positive for the infection Doctors performed a Tracheotomy. This surgery was necessary because his infection requires long-term use of the ventilator and allowing him to be more comfortable. The operation went very well. He will be on antibiotics for a possible 3 more days for the infection. Because of what he went through let alone being hospitalized for about 3 weeks... he is currently very weak. For this reason there is a Physical therapist & a Speech therapist all working hard to fast track his recovery. Along with all the hard working Nurses and Doctors aside him. At this time he’s responsive with head tilts, hand squeezes and eye winks... without delay he is watching his favorite western movies/news channels. If y’all know my dad the news is a definite go to. And for that I laugh!!! This very experience has actually been quite inspiring to me.... not only because of the medical professionals but because of my family. We’ve all come together to care and be there for one another as we watch our dad lay in a hospital bed. I’ve watched my brothers step up to the plate with my dad’s business and my sisters comfort my dad as he lays there being cared for. It’s amazing to me that even when the circumstances are unbearable, still a good outcome can become apparent in the midst of it all.

It also draws me in and reminds me why I truly want to pursue becoming a nurse. One day I’d be given the responsibility to help care and treat someone else’s Dad. And because of this experience I’d be honored to pass along the care for someone else in need.

Praying for a full and speedy recovery. 💓 A special Thank You to all the amazing nurses and doctors at the R. R. UCLA Hospital for taking good care of my father.