Fight On

UCLA Health article

Initially it was quite a shock that I had any kind of thyroid cancer, however the journey has been a challenge, not an ordeal. Along the way I’ve been nurtured, doctored by some wonderful people. I would say to any, if you feel a lump, don’t put it off, address it right away. I failed to do that, and the outcome was not what I wanted to hear, but it’s something you learn to deal with. I didn’t think too much of the lump cause I had a cold, the nodule had quadrupled in size in 3 years. I had surgery first and then a neck dissection. Radioactive iodine and found out that it had spread to my lungs and sternum, then it had even gotten larger. We were very meticulous in following every direction of the doctor. All the instructions we followed to the T as much as possible. This was addressed by Dr. Shay Partovi, and he absolutely jumped on this, by the time I had driven home, he had secured a contact with Dr. Malika Singh and had set up an appointment with me. I had my surgery September 28th by Dr. Amini, who did a magnificent job, and I healed quickly. Then it came around time to undergo another blood test, and my cancer markers had gone up, and it was at this point that we were reffered to Dr. Yeh. I was experiencing breathing problems, it got progressively worse, and ultimately zenithed to the point where i was winded walking 20 steps. I could not even breathe when I lay on my left side. My lung problems got so bad on our trip, that we contacted Dr.Yeh and he told me to get him to the hospital ASAP. Dr.Yeh immediately recognized that he was struggling to breathe, and without any prior appointment, I was admitted by Dr.Yeh and then it was just a matter to get my blood pressure down. Then the next day they drained 2 and a half liters of fluid from my lung. I felt relieved from having all the liquid extracted from my body as well as the cryoablasian. I can’t say enough about the doctors that helped me, the biggest thing was how fast everything was taken care of. The personnel treated me with such tenderness and compassion. It started with Dr. Yeh, then Dr. Sue, Dr. Lucas Cusmano, Dr. Michael Wong, Dr. Deborah Wong and her fellows. They demonstrated so much concern and it has been stellar. They presented my case to the cancer tumor board because it was different, and they ended up doing a cryo ablasian, which took seemed to take care of the sternum cancer. The current lung nodules and lymph nodes are being addressed with radioactive iodine. The next step theyre going to representing to the tumor board in December and decide when to do the next scan. If I can put in a foot note, it is absolutely wonderful to have a loving and caring supporting wife, Chris, and in my case in having a strong belief in the lord. The emotional and physical support from others has been positive in an overwhelming way. If my experience can benefit other people, I’m good with that. Listen to the experts, they know what they’re talking about, and as a human being set aside your arrogance to take care of yourself.