Found the Right Doctor!

UCLA Health article

I live in Las Vegas. My endocrinologist there told me my calcium level was high but said I could either wait and monitor it or have surgery. What I didn't know as the pros and cons were not really explained is that waiting could make the problem worse. As I didn't have any symptoms, I thought I could wait. Years went by and I was told I had osteoporosis. It was suggested I go on medication for my bone density. But I went to another endocrinologist who suggested surgery. I was sent to a surgeon in Las Vegas but at our first meeting he did not have my records so he didn't know why I was there. On the second visit he said he needed to be paid in cash. All in all, I saw a number of doctors. I eventually did my own research and found Dr. Yeh here at UCLA. I am thankful God guided me to Dr. Yeh. I knew I had made the right decision when immediately post surgery they told me my calcium level was perfect,