From '18 Months Left' to 16 Years


“They told me the cancer had spread to my bones and I was given an 18-month prognosis,” reveals Nancy Radin, who found out her breast cancer had metastasized in her late 40s. “I decided to go elsewhere for a diagnosis and came to UCLA Health. I credit the doctors here with saving my life. I’m on palliative treatment, which means they’re not trying to cure something they know is incurable, but they’re maintaining the best quality of life with medication.

I have been on constant treatment with hormones, chemo, and radiation for 16 years. I became a grandma last year, and that was the most amazing experience for me. I’ve been incredibly blessed and fortunate, and I would say there is so much hope out there these days. If you get a diagnosis, don’t despair. Treatments have come so far in the last 15 years; it’s really a new era for people who are starting this journey. Go to the best place with the best doctors. I’m so grateful for UCLA Health.”

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