Full thyroidectomy

UCLA Health article

I came to Dr. Yeh since my dad had been a patient of his. I liked how personable he was, how he gave simple explanations and made sure the diagnosis was understood. He took his time and answered all questions - I never felt rushed. He shared information and was very informative.

I had a full thyroidectomy. I was able to choose the date and location (I chose Santa Monica). I felt I was getting the best service. Everything was very clean - the equipment and prep products were all good. I had never had surgery before so I had been anxious.

Surgery took about two hours. I was in recovery for about 45 minutes and my family was able to come in right away. I then went to my room where I was able to relax. The nurses helped with getting my disability through work. All my calls are returned promptly and I am not scared to ask questions. I don't feel like I am bothering anyone.

I had surgery 2 weeks ago. Stitches are now out. I have a little stiffness but it is getting better. It was a very positive experience. I am grateful to Dr. Yeh. He gave me options other doctors didn't. He paid attention to my lifestyle.