Getting my Life Back

UCLA Health article

Unbelievably-- above and beyond what I was expecting. Dr.Yeh, he goes above and beyond as he is so knowledgeable and professional. He answered all the questions I had and even the ones didn't have. I had a ultrasound and biopsy done in November and my doctor said that I had thyroid cancer, and I wanted to find the best surgeon there was out there. At one point I had even contemplated about going up to UCSF, which is a great hospital and center. I ended up finding Dr.Yeh and waited 3 months to see him because I wanted the best. From the extensive research I did I found out that Dr.Yeh was one of the best in the country. I remember that when I had went into my pre-op appointment after the long wait Dr. Yeh took a look and said he didn't think it was cancer. I was really relieved because I also didn't think it was cancer and didn't hop that it was cancer. During my pre-op he did an ultra-sounds and was very thorough. I was really scared of losing my entire thyroid. Luckily Dr. Yeh after discussing with me my options had agree to only take out the large left mass on my thyroid and do a biopsy rather than taking the whole thing out. I had to take my left thyroid out because it was a large gross mass. After taking it out and preforming a biopsy Dr.Yeh informed me that it was indeed not cancer. I was really grateful he was so patient because otherwise I would had take my whole thyroid out.

The only thing I would change about this whole process is that I wish I was told from the start that I didn't have cancer. To walk through my story my first doctor touched me during the exam and said I had cancer without having a through examination and then I did ultrasound and was told I had cancer. Then the endocrinologist I later saw said I didn't look like I had cancer, but then they did some test and said I did have cancer. It was a lot of back and forth and a lot of mixed information. I was anxious and stress that entire time. During the long wait for 3 months to see Dr. Yeh was difficult for me as I wasn't sure what my diagnoses was exactly or if I even had cancer, it was always in the back of my mind. I knew I needed to see Dr. Yeh. However, because I was so anxious in between that time I went to go see another doctor that specialized in cancer at Cedar-Sinai and that was a horrible experience. As the doctor was very arrogant and I didn't feel treated properly as a person and as a patient. The doctor even said without thoroughly examining me that he needed to take the entire thyroid and even my breast out. I was terrified. That visit only added on to my stress.

However, after the 3 month wait time pass I was able to see Dr. Yeh. That was a completely different experience as not only Dr.Yeh but the whole UCLA Endocrine Clinic staff were all very knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. I finally felt like I was in good hands. They speak to you there like you are a valued person and patient, and really give you the best care. Dr. Yeh was so thorough that it saved my thyroid. He is so meticulous that I don' t need to take medication and I get to keep my thyroid all in tact. I feel amazing recovering right now, and I want to comment that I love how fluid everything is at the endocrine center everyone is very engaged and always welcome to answer my questions and concerns. I wish I had my surgery with the endocrine clinic staff, I had my surgery done at the center with Dr.Yeh which was great but it wasn't as good as everyone at the endocrine center, I wish I had the whole team there. The patient care and attentiveness is amazing at the clinic and goes above and beyond expectation.

My closing remarks is that Dr. Yeh is non-arrogant and approachable. Even though he's one of the best in the country he doesn't have that arrogant attitude. Everyone there looks at you in the eye and talk to you like they care and that you are the best. Dr. Yeh did a ultra sound at my pre-op while in contrast the doctor I saw at Cedar-Sinai wanted to rip everything out and didn't treat me like I was a patient. It felt like night and day. I also want to let other know that I am older so one of my concerns coming in was scaring. I knew that I had a large mass that need to be remove but I was concern about the scar it would leave behind. I ask Dr. Yeh and expressed my concerns to him requesting that he somehow make the scar less noticeable-- he made it as if it isn't there. Really normal scaring even though large mass. I was expecting more scaring but this what I have right now is beautiful. I am back on to my normal life not taking medicine or dealing with an ugly scar, just my regular vitamin and my daily life routine.