Great Experience

UCLA Health article

I was referred to Dr. Yeh by my internist in the South Bay area for hyperparathyroidism. Following my appointment in September, we felt comfortable with his expertise and with the decision to follow through with surgery. My husband and I felt like we were in the best hands and in the presence of the most advanced and quality medical care. We scheduled surgery for end of November, and I'm thankful everything went smoothly because I had a lot going on in November with Thanksgiving and family events.

Prior to the surgery, I received a video from UCLA health explaining what to expect for surgery, background on the parathyroid, and potential the complications. These videos were very informative, and gave me a better background before entering surgery. The night before and after surgery date, I stayed at the Tiverton House nearby. The surgery went so well and I experienced no pain at all - I had received general anesthesia and a nerve block, and I only needed a few Tylenols the first few days after. During and throughout the surgery, I felt very well taken care of. Dr.Yeh came by to talk with my husband and answer any questions, and 3 people from anesthesia to check up on my progress during. My surgery was scheduled for 11:30am, I got out around 5pm and by 7:30pm had a nice Chinese takeout dinner on the patio at Tiverton.