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UCLA Health article

I was initially diagnosed in December 2017, received a biopsy January, and had my surgery done in April. I have no complaints about the surgery and did not experience any significant side effects. Everyone one the team was very nice, and Dr. Yeh was incredible. I have a lot of confidence in UCLA, so I wasn't scared walking into the surgery and even the day of. From my wife's perspective, she really appreciated the efficient communication between the staff and patients. The surgery ran over late, but the team always updated her throughout the day to let her know about the progress.

You need to be your own advocate. I wish I had brought up my nodule problem earlier - I felt something for a couple of months, but only let them know later. Early detection by the patient is recommended, and the sooner you can get an appointment the better. As with many other doctors, it takes time to get an appointment with a doctor.