Had my thyroid removed

UCLA Health article

Initially I met with a specialist who recommended surgery as an option. They recommended I get a surgical consult to weigh my options. Both doctors were very patient and informative throughout the whole process. I ended up opting for the surgery to remove my thyroid and a date was set for the procedure. Staff contacted me about a day or two prior to the operation to finalize details.

On the day of, I was directed to a couple of waiting rooms, and the nursing and support staff were very helpful. I had a few last minute jitters, and again they were very patient and helpful throughout the whole process - the only real difficult part was the anxiety leading up to the procedure.

I don't remember the actual operation as I was put under general anesthesia - the doctor I was talking to right before I was sedated was very comforting. I woke up several hours later, procedure done, and apparently everything went well. I felt minimal pain - slight discomfort during the recovery - but honestly the nursing staff was stellar. They really allowed me to rest and took care of nearly everything for me the next day.

A few doctors and nurses stopped by after the procedure to run through the details and check up on how I was doing. Overall it was a good experience. I felt well informed, listened to, supported, and really well taken care of. I have nothing but positive things to say about the entire medical team at UCLA.