Hope and Encouragment

UCLA Health article

I was a Kaiser patient 2 and a half year ago, I had an unsuccessful parathyroidectomy. I had osteopenia and getting worse. After an unsuccessful parathyroidectomy, they did a test to find where it was. Then I was referred to a surgeon who discouraged further surgery. When I turned 65 I had a onetime opportunity where I didn't have to go through Kaiser physician. I immediately wanted to go to UCLA health. I saw Dr. Yeh last year as a referral from my UCLA endocrinologist. He is an expert and very encouraging. Dr. Yeh said encouraging things like this can really improve your life. It makes me emotional to think about how supportive and proactive he was about my health and wellbeing. The Dr. knew exactly what he was talking about. Dr.Yeh wanted a better scan since it was a year and a half year ago since the last scan and he wanted to really see the area of the problem. Dr. Yeh was extremely thorough. He had wonderful post-op instruction something I didn't get at Kaiser. I am a surgical nurse so I know what's going on, Dr. Yeh and his team was definitely knowledgeable and caring in every way possible. The anesthesiologist listens to me. The whole entire team came in to greet me. Even the nurses were there, everyone was there and supporting me it made me feel taken care of. I was held overnight. However, everything went smoothly. Dr. Yeh gave me a lot of hope and was able to follow through with it, he was very knowledgeable. Dr. Yeh is amazing. I don't regret going to UCLA Health. I appreciate how Dr. Yeh is realistic when he gave me all the risks factors that should be taken into account for this surgery, but he still encouraged me and let me decide on my own whether the risk was worth it. I would like to tell new patients coming in to tell him everything that is bothering you emotionally and physically so they can take care of you and listen to you. They will listen to your concerns and make sure that you will get the best patient care possible. I am in post-op now and I am recovering, I am older so the process is slower but I am definitely getting better. I had the surgery 15 days ago, there are of course small side effects as any other person who goes through surgery might experience but everything is getting better as each day progress. I genuinely appreciate how post-op the instruction was explained to the small details. The instructions are detailed out for 3-4 weeks, something I never got a Kaiser. They provided me a number to call at any time if I need anything. I feel very well taken care of here. Every procedure done was necessary and every action taken by the medical team had my best interest in mind. Dr. Yeh and his team are great I would recommend them to anyone.