UCLA Health article

I was referred to Dr Yeh after my primary care physician made a preliminary diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism, based on a reading of the calcium level in a blood sample taken during my annual check-up. The preliminary diagnosis was confirmed by Dr Yeh after reviewing a CT Scan which identified an adenoma on one of my parathyroid glands. Based on that diagnosis, we took the next step to schedule surgery to remove the adenoma, which was non-invasive, brief and measurably successful. It has been a bit over 3 weeks since the surgery and my recovery has been quick and comfortable. I am writing this review to commend Dr Yeh and his stellar team from the UCLA Endocrinology Practice for their compassionate, responsive and skilled care. I expect to see the reduced calcium level that was measured during the surgery to stabilize over the long term, and am gratified to know that my risks of osteoporosis, kidney stones and other symptoms of hyperparathyroidism are diminished by the contributions of a great team of medical professionals.