UCLA Health article

I just wanted to start by saying WOW! After having four consecutive miscarriages, I decided to take matters into my own hands and seek help from the best of the best. My husband and I first went to UCLA (over an hour away each direction) to meet Dr. Al-Safi back in January 2020. We had a very in depth consultation regarding my past medical history as well as avenues to take going forward. We chose to run every possible test, blood panel, karyotyping, etc to rule out everything possible. He left absolutely no leaf unturned. I came with a HUGE list of questions (over 30) and he answered them all. He is extremely professional and never made me feel silly or ignorant for asking the questions I had. After exhausting every possibility and coming up with no "issues" for myself nor my husband, we chose to go the IVF route. It was quite a process and commitment on my end as well as Dr. Al-Safi's. I followed his instructions to a 'T' and IT WORKED!!! His IVF Coordinator, Megan Niles, was equally involved and was a pleasure to work with. They made a long and difficult journey feel like I was connected and so well taken care of. I never felt alone. I was never left feeling uncertain about a decision. I can genuinely say I have never felt like I have had better medical care in my life. This practice REALLY knows that they are doing. If you ask the right questions and follow their advice, you CAN have your happy ending. I'm now 12 weeks pregnant with a perfectly growing baby girl and I couldn't be more happy or more grateful.