Journey with a Parathyroid Adenoma

UCLA Health article

At my age of 84, I was a bit apprehensive going under anesthesia for surgery. However, it was the best option for me, and looking back I am happy to say that everything went smoothly. Dr. Yeh is extremely personable, and my family enjoyed interacting with him throughout the journey.

2 years ago, my blood tests indicated irregular levels of parathyroid hormone and Calcium. Through an Ultrasound, my endocrinologist found a suspicious mass that was later determined to be an adenoma (a benign tumor). Osteoporosis runs in my family, so I did not want to take any risks by forgoing treatment. I was given the option of taking medications or receiving surgery, and I opted for surgery because I felt that it was the best choice for me given my preexisting health conditions. Dr. Yeh removed 2 out of my 4 parathyroid glands and I went out of surgery with no complications. Coming back for a return appointment, the scar is barely visible!

Prior to surgery, I was sent an online program called EMMI and thought it was a valuable resource. The visuals and audio helped significantly, and because it was sent in advance, it gave me time to come up with questions for the physicians. Going in with knowledge of what to expect is key. During the hospital stay, I was surprised by the gracious and receptive demeanor of everyone working there. The staff is warm and fuzzy, whether it be the warm blanket they bring to you when you’re cold or simply the personal interactions. Although the hospital was extremely busy, kind of like the 405 at 5pm, the staff always communicated promptly and informed me when there were changes. Whenever physicians rotated, they always introduced themselves to me.