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Well, where do I start from the beginning I guess.

It was really important for me and my husband to have a natural child birth due to the fact that I said that with my first, but I just didn’t have the strength or will power to get over the pain. I didn’t start off with the Midwifes until my 5 th month and I knew after my first appointment it was the right decision for me. I had made it very clear from the start that I knew that I would be weak so I needed the team of Midwifes to be firm with me if I decided, during delivery, to get and epidural, to keep me on track to a natural child birth and that is just what they did.

Just minutes old

My water broke at home in the kitchen at 6:41pm on May 24 th and by the time I got to the hospital at 7:15pm and got checked in I was having very strong contractions and was 3 cm dilated. Ann was on duty that night and she was my rock. Just as I anticipated I wanted to get the epidural but Ann made it clear to me that yes I could do this and how we could do it without an epidural. She reminded me that we could use the shower, walk and try some message to get through the pain.

4 Days old

Once I was in the Labor and Delivery room Ann was so wonderful at keeping me calm and really helping me through some really painful contractions. She lowered the lights, and her voice was so calming so sincere that it really did keep me calm and relaxed and able to focus through the pain. Then came the pushing and by this point I had really given up on having this baby naturally but I had no other choice but to push her out and Ann again was strong for the both of us and really did keep me in check, even though looking back at it I was out of control. But when it was all said and done in exactly 3 hours I had a beautiful baby girl who was healthy. And with that being said my recovery time was truly amazing, I was up and walking right after they got me back to my room and that alone is worth not having an epidural.

If you are reading this letter because you haven’t decided if you are going to use the UCLA Midwifes the only thing I can say to help you in any way is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you will be more alert, and from what happened to me, my baby was so much more calm then my first born at birth with an epidural. And remember women are strong and we have been doing this for hundreds of years and we will continue to do this, but whatever you decided know that there is no wrong choice, just your choice.

If anyone wants to talk to me directly you are more than welcome to email at: [email protected]

Happy and healthy delivery