Lauren's Story - Hoarseness & Voice Problems

Hoarseness & Voice Problems Patient Story
UCLA Health article

Testimonial: Evaluation of Hoarseness and Voice Problems at UCLA

“I hope you know the magnitude of contribution you have made towards my health and future”


Dear Dr. Chhetri,

Happy National Doctors’ Day.

I am not sure whether you remember me among the numerous patients you must treat every day at UCLA. But you changed my whole world powerfully for the better one afternoon in December 2020: we met on Friday, 12/11, in the wake of my recent orthopaedic surgery, after which I had inexplicably lost my voice despite zero intubation. There were myriad other symptoms which I wasn’t certain were connected; in sum, the situation was perplexing and deeply concerning. I was at an absolute loss.

You took the time and care to assess me in the context of the entirety—the total picture, as they say—and ran labs that no one before you had thought to order. Previously I had struggled with great pain, localized weakness, and increasing disability over a 5-year span, having seen 3 neuro-ophthalmologists, 2 ophthalmologists, and 2 neurologists in hopes of identifying an answer. None was determined.

Were it not for your intellectual clarity and broad spectrum analysis 4 months ago, Dr. Chhetri, I would still be suffering grievously with intensifying and baffling symptomology of unknown origin. Because of your efforts and now with the diagnosis in hand, I have been able to find relief with medication and am anticipating the promise that operative care may hold. Surgery is imminently on the horizon in April.

I can’t thank you enough for your clinical insight, intervention, and diagnostic acumen right when I needed it most. In less than an hour you forever altered and improved my trajectory, giving me a chance at enjoying high-level quality of life again that I didn’t realize was possible. Although words fail to properly express my gratitude, I hope you know the magnitude of contribution you have made towards my health and future.

As someone who aspires to someday join you within the most honorable ranks of the medical profession, please rest assured that I will never forget your impact nor the nuanced yet vital lesson you taught me about practicing the art of medicine, not just the science.

With best wishes, kindest regards, and heartfelt appreciation—

Sincerely, Lauren