Laury's Story

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Dear All,

My Girls

It is now just a little over one year that you have delivered my baby girl, Zoë.I wanted to thank you so very much, especially Susan who was on call the night I delivered! I still clearly remember the night Zoë was born, how quickly everything happened, and what a great experience the delivery was. Charlotte (my 3.5 year old) also remembers waiting for me in the waiting room, and seeing her sister all wrinkled and screaming.Both are doing great. Zoë just had her 1 year well visit, and she is healthy. She is petit in terms of weight and height, but has nice head circumference! 🙂 And she is quite the active little girl, walked when she was 10 months, and eats everything we put in front of her, with her 4 little teeth. Charlotte started a Waldorf preschool 2 times a week, and loves it.

As you may remember we moved last May, and I think it has been a nice move for the children. Life is a bit easier here, less congestion, and therefore more time for me to spend with the kids when I get home. Their daddy, Yves, is still the stay-at-home parent and is, in my eyes, doing a great job with them: baking bread, planting our little herb garden, drawing...Zoë's birth was an experience that I will never forget, and it is you all who I have to thank for that.Happy New Year and all the best to you all!Laury