Long Ride

UCLA Health article

I'm very happy with my experience and am very thankful for the UCLA Endocrine Center. There's a feeling of safety we felt throughout the process, and speaking with Dr. Yeh reduced a lot of our anxiety. I would highly recommend him to anyone - he is extremely well mannered and knowledgeable. His bedside manners are exceptional and he takes the time to answer all of our questions. A pleasant surprise is that he also speaks very good Mandarin, and as a result that reduced the language barrier between him and my mother. In our conversation, he was even able to explain a lot of the medical terminology.

Everything was very organized at UCLA, and I felt well informed throughout the entire process. The online portal was extremely useful and user friendly - we were able to check lab results and received emails about our appointments. Online videos were a valuable resource in explaining the surgical procedure - I would highly recommend watching them beforehand because they give you a thorough background on the anatomy of the gland and what to expect when walking into the procedure. The more well informed you are, the less anxious you feel.

With the regard to the surgical experience, the staff was extremely gentle and kind. The only downside of this entire experience is that some of the preoperational appointments were so early, we arrived a few hours prior to the appointment and that was just a bit of a hassle.