Melissa's Story

Patient Stories - Melissa
UCLA Health article

I had a wonderful experience with the UCLA midwives' practice.

It was easy to schedule appointments and I was always seen promptly. The midwives, nurses, and other staff were very accommodating of my two year-old son when I brought him to appointments.

My labor and delivery at the Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center went well. All of my preferences were honored (actually, most of them were suggested to me -- I didn't have to make a big fuss to feel comfortable).

The two midwives who attended me were with me for long periods of time and I felt like whenever I needed support, they were right there.

They gave me all sorts of wonderful suggestions and support for my labor, which was long. They were cheerful and professional. I was able to have a natural birth and am so happy that I chose to have my baby with the UCLA midwives.

Thanks so much!