My Experience after Parathyroidectomy

UCLA Health article

I was diagnosed with a parathyroid adenoma, in which one of the growth hormones in my parathyroid glands was highly elevated. If the levels raised too high, it could eventually lead to kidney problems. I've been having yearly physicals and recognized that my levels of Calcium have been high for the past 3 years. Leading up to the surgery was an extensive process of referrals and tests: I received an Ultrasound where they found a lump in my neck, which brought us to our endocrinologist, who referred us to Dr. Yeh. When we saw Dr. Yeh, he went through the symptoms and requested blood tests and scans to discover where the symptoms could be coming from. Through the EKG, I discovered that I had abnormal heartbeats, and this is what led us to decide to get surgery for the parathyroid, which was the underlying factor.

Before the surgery, my wife was nervous and started watching YouTube videos of what the surgery would be like. I was a bit nervous too, but I tried to keep it hidden on the inside. We actually found videos of Dr. Yeh online, and it was very reassuring to see how thorough and easily understandable he was. When I went in for the surgery, I was floored by the treatment I received to make sure everything was going smoothly. Our nurse was amazing and she gave me A1 treatment - everyone was so caring and I was extremely impressed with the care. The nurse sat down and talked with us 1:1 which made us feel comfortable and was open with information on my treatment. I received the surgery 2 weeks ago and the recovery process was relatively smooth - I only felt a bit of pain the day after in my neck and back.

My advice would be not to worry, you'll be fine and happy in the end. It's definitely hard not to worry beforehand, but when you're in the right hands of immaculate and kind nurses and staff, and when you have support from the family you'll be ok. My wife is a nurse and has worked with other surgeons as well, but she found that the way Dr. Yeh treats his patients was different and much more sincere. He sat down next to her in a private office and gently explained to her about what my procedure would be like, rather than talking about it in public. The way he took the time to explain and ease her fears made a lifelong impact on her, an experience she will not forget.