Kidney Disease

Being a great doctor is not just about being first in your class at Med School. It's actually much more about developing compassion, empathy, insight and care with a patient on an individual basis.

Through an amazing set of fortuitous circumstances, I was introduced to Dr. Niloofar Nobakht just as I was entering ESRD - end stage renal disease - and seeking a kidney donor.

Despite my creatinine levels continuing to climb, I was able compete the job I was in the middle of and stave off dialysis through major dietary changes and a serious compliance with a medication regime, but none of that would have been possible without Dr. Nobakht's very specific guidance, supervision and cheerleading.

Having a doctor involved who combines a tremendous amount of knowledge with an equal amount of care made an incredible difference in my journey and here it is a little over 2 years after my kidney transplant - and thanks to both an extraordinary donor and an extraordinary doctor I have an amazing new lease on life!