No More Fatigue

UCLA Health article

The physical effects of high blood Calcium levels progressively worsened over the past year, as I started feeling fatigued all the time. As a physical therapist, I'm normally very active and in my free time I enjoy participating in physical activity. However, I began to falling asleep at work and feeling low on energy. My co-workers even began noticing a change - sometimes others notice things that you don't realize yourself. I found out that I had high Calcium levels in 2016 but never decided to take any action. However, when I began getting increasing symptoms of abdominal cramping, fatigue and frequent urination, I decided it was time to do something. Looking back, I wish I had taken action sooner rather than later, because the symptoms probably would have never progressed in the first place.

After blood tests and being sent around various doctors, I was referred to Dr. Yeh by many sources as the best surgeon. Directly following the surgery (coming out of anesthesia), I felt an immediate and drastic change. Some people don't experience noticeable changes, but I felt my energy levels going back to normal almost immediately, and as a result I was able to start physical activity soon after. This procedure brought me back to who I was before, and I recently signed up for a half marathon because I feel so good. The entire office and staff do a great job of making you feel comfortable, and I'm very happy with how everything went. I'd take a small scar for how much better I feel today coming in for a post-op appointment.