Parathroid tumors

UCLA Health article

Three years ago I was shocked to learn that I had a kidney stone which was large and required a medical procedure to remove. I was told that my calcium was too high , vitamin D was too low and I was starting with osteopenia.I was referred to a urologist and a kidney specialist, who recommended a CT scan of the parathyroid glands. Ultimately I was referred to Dr. Yeh, he did a fabulous job in removing two parathyroid tumors and I'm feeling so much better two weeks later. Dr. Yeh's team are so professional and put my mind at rest, and I had no need to feel nervous. The team took great care of me in the hospital and I felt confident to go home the next day. I'm enjoying the benefits of having a normal calcium level, I have more energy and i feel more positive. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten surgery sooner!