Partners in Pregnancy


I just want to express my sincere gratitude for the OB team at UCLA Westwood. Dr. Aparna Sridhar saw me through two pregnancies; while both were fairly uncomplicated, I had severe morning sickness as well as a miscarriage in between those pregnancies, so I had some anxiety about everything going well. What I appreciated the most is that Dr. Sridhar - and her staff - made me feel like we were partners in my medical decision-making. She of course provided all the guidance, but she never short-changed our questions and concerns and despite being in a busy hospital, I never felt rushed.

For both of my deliveries, I wanted to avoid epidurals and hoped to minimize medical interventions as much as possible (barring any complications, of course). I know I was not typical in wanting this, but the whole labor and deliver teams both times were incredibly supportive and also accommodated my request to have doulas present both times (pre-COVID of course).

The Labor & Delivery nurses were so incredible and patient. I also have to give a shoutout to the two doctors who did our anatomy scans. They were amazing! Especially Dr. Lee who was literally the nicest person and walked us through everything with extreme patience. I am so glad I delivered at UCLA and couldn't have asked for better experiences either time.