Pleased Patient

UCLA Health article

Because of issues with my thyroid I was feeling foggy. I had mixed feelings about having surgery. Dr. Yeh came highly recommended and he didn't disappoint. He calmed me down. When I went in for the surgery everyone was understanding. They knew I was nervous. They explained everything and double checked that I understood what was happening. The more I talked with them, the more I trusted them. I know my body so I told them I don't react well to medications. Please don't overmedicate me. They told me they did not have set amounts to give- they would monitor me and give me the appropriate dose. The staff was also nice to my family. My husband stayed overnight and they made sure he was comfortable. My daughters visited and gave me support. Everything went according to plan. Everyone did their job well. I was worried from reading before the surgery about infections and fevers. But I did not have any problems and the scar is better than I thought.