Pooya Bokhoor, MD The best cardiologist!

UCLA Health article

If you are reading this review, probably you are considering finding the best cardiologist for your situation. Hopefully you have the time and advantage to ask your friends and family for referrals so you can do the research for your best alternatives.

Unfortunately none of that applied to me. I woke up memorial day weekend not feeling well and headed for a UCLA Urgent Care Clinic. After a quick blood pressure and an EKG test they informed me that I’m having a heart attack and called an ambulance.

I could do nothing but surrender to my situation. Soon I was at UCLA Hospital, Santa Monica. As I lay on the gurney frightened and confused the cardiac surgeon began explaining my situation and what my stent surgery would consist of. Doctor Bokhoor immediately made me feel comfortable and confident that everything was going to be okay. I feel so fortunate, lucky and blessed that Doctor Pooya Bokhoor was that cardiologist on duty that day. Apparently I am a member of a very small club that 1% of the population is born with. Due to Doctor Bokhoor’s knowledge, diligence and skill he figure out what was wrong and save my life.

An unexpected bonus was the after care when I got to spend some time speaking with Doctor Bokhoor about my future and our plan to get me 100% better. Each visit with him is like visiting a friend who considers my well being his primary goal. Answering all my questions, making suggestions to speed my healing and ordering test in order to track my recuperation. Thank you doctor Bokhoor.

In conclusion, I feel confident to refer Doctor Pooya Bokhoor in Santa Monica for any of your medical questions or if it becomes necessary you can trust him to give you the most competent treatment/surgery for your cardiac situation🩺❤️