Post Parathyroid Surgery, "I Feel Magnificent"

UCLA Health article

As someone totally averse to surgery based on experiences decades ago, I delayed surgery as long as possible by monitoring my condition for nearly two years before agreeing to parathyroid surgery.

I was diagnosed before Christmas 2014, but I did not want to hurry into surgery. I spent as much money monitoring my condition and doing tests as surgery cost so in hindsight I would have had surgery sooner.

While Dr. Yeh was patient with my decision to postpone surgery he did warn me of bone density issues, and sure enough bone density became an issue in my hip so I came back for surgery.

Who knew I would feel tis great two weeks after surgery? I feel perfect. I felt perfect the day of surgery. I took one pain pill post surgery. I was outside walking with my husband hours after surgery, even after general anesthesia, because I felt great and wanted some fresh air. I felt magnificent immediately. My numbers were great before Dr. Yeh even closed me up.

I give two thumbs up to Dr. Yeh. I'd recommend him to anyone needing parathyroid surgery. Now I'll just continue with my maintenance tests.