Round 2

UCLA Health article

In 2012, I had an adenoma on my right parathryroid gland. I had surgery, the doctor took out the wrong gland. When he went in, he looked at the right but said it looked ok and said the left one looked "a little funk" so he took out the left. 2-3 months later I became symptomatic again. I did the tests all over again and was told my right parathyroid needed surgery. I walked out of the office. I decided to try a different avenue and saw a homeopathic doctor who was also an endocrinologist. For 4 years I felt better - she helped with the symptoms. 6 months ago my calcium was high and i decided to have more tests. The adenoma was twice as big. My gastroenterologist referred me to Dr. Yeh. 2 weeks ago he did surgery. I feel better though I still feel a little"buzzy" - not yet back to normal. Dr. Yeh says I am cured and says I should feel better in 4-6 weeks. He even fixed the terrible scar left by the first surgeon I am grateful to have found Dr. Yeh. I had to go through this journey to end up in the best hands.