Samantha's Story

Patient Stories - Samantha

Dear Midwife team


Polly asked me to submit photos and a brief summary of my experience at the UCLA, here goes:

My husband and I had different ideas about the birth of our first child. I wanted to avoid an overly clinical approach and was looking for a more natural experience, my husband however felt more comfortable having our first child in a hospital environment. Choosing the midwives was a great compromise for us.

They are a compassionate and caring group of women who provided me with the type of natural experience I was looking for and their clinical training and the hospital environment made my husband feel comfortable.


Although I was induced for the birth of my first son, after going to 42 weeks the midwives were great advocates for maintaining all other wishes of my birth plan. I felt safe in their hands and was consulted and respected on each decision we made.

I was equally impressed with the nursing staff who were supportive and caring during and post birth.

My son is now 3 years old and I am due to have my second child in August 2008 with the midwives.

I would recommend the UCLA midwives to anyone who is pursuing a safe and fulfilling birthing experience.

Samantha, Navine and Rahmi