Successful Complete Thyroidectomy

UCLA Health article

In my 20s my thyroid was enlarged so they just watched it for years. Eventually, my thyroid levels were rising , but not dangerously so. I watched the progress with my doctor. Eventually to avoid bone loss and potential malignancies due to many nodules. (He likened it to a bunch of grapes, you can't check all of them.) After 35 years of this I was more concerned about my bones. When I scheduled surgery there was no urgency about it so I was able to choose a time that was convenient. After surgery I stayed in the hospital one night in the transitional recovery unit. I was feeling pretty fine. I only ever took Tylenol for pain. The next day I went home and I lounged about for a few days then slowly started doing stuff just like normal. After a week I was back to my normal activities. During my overnight stay I had excellent care and would like to thank Ramel, Jolly, Frank and the other wonderful woman in the morning, I think she was a CNA like Frank. Dr. Yeh's team was also very good, they popped in several times to make sure I was fine. I have follow-up care with my endocrinologist for thyroid replacement meds.