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UCLA Health article

I want to thank you for helping bring my little angel into this world.

I had such a great experience with you Susan during my delivery. I had a natural child birth and it was my first baby, needless to say I was nervous as to how it would all pan out. I wrote out a birthing plan and even journaled about how my "perfect labor" would go. I just went back and re-read them both and I have to say that it happened all as I had hoped.

I felt so encouraged and supported by you and your staff, I knew that you had mine and my baby's best interests in mind. One of my fears was tearing my cervix or perineum. I was gently coached by you and because I listened to your guidance I didn't tear my cervix or have any major tears or repairs and because of your massaging I did not need an episiotomy- thank you! I am now 2 weeks post partum and am nearly healed back to normal and I have a beautiful baby boy that I'm absolutely in love with! In the words of my husband...see you next year!

Love, Cathrine