The Most Hesitant

UCLA Health article

I have been healthy all my life so finding out that I had a disease and needed surgery was very alarming to me. I didn't want to believe it and started doing research on my computer. It all kept pointing back to surgery. But I was still hesitant as I had always believed surgery was the last resort. I read up on various places for treatment including one in Florida. All information indicated the most important thing was to find an experienced surgeon. I read reviews and everything seemed to point to Dr. Yeh due to his experience with parathyroid surgery. On the day of the surgery, I was still hesitant. But my husband encouraged me to get it done as I had had problems for 3 years. When Dr. Yeh and the team showed up, they made me feel comfortable and at ease. I woke up from surgery at little sore but already I felt a new burst of energy whereas before I felt fatigued. It was a whole new wonderful experience. Anyone who is hesitant should go ahead and have it done - it is for the best and life is great!