UCLA Health article

I was very nervous about the diagnosis of a nodule on my thyroid at first. In your head you can imagine a lot of things, but I'm glad to say that the actual process was easier than I expected. I received 3 biopsies over a span of a month with my previous doctor, because each time there was an insufficient amount of specimen to give conclusive results. Because the biopsies failed to give definitive results (undetermined), I was referred to an endocrine specialist, Dr. Yeh. Dr. Yeh examined my thyroid and conducted an ultrasound on my neck and was able to conclude from that and the previous biopsies that I should have part of my thyroid removed. He informed me of the different options available to me and made me feel very comfortable, explaining that the procedure would be simple. He suggested to take out only a portion of the thyroid, only the amount that was necessary, and this decision made me feel more at ease. The entire staff made me feel comfortable going into surgery, and after surgery the only pain I experienced was during coughing. I stayed at the hospital for a day after the surgery and everyone was very professional and attentive - they check in on you and really put in the effort to make sure that you're doing well.

After the surgery Dr. Yeh came down to talk to my husband and daughter for an extended period of time. He informed them about how the surgery went very well and about how I was doing. He took the time to go above and beyond expectations. After pathology had examined tissue from the surgery, Dr. Yeh's office contacted me the morning after with the results to let me know that it was cancer free. It's scary when you first find out about a diagnosis, but Dr. Yeh and his staff make you feel at home. His bedside manners and knowledge are really great. He puts your mind at ease, and you trust him, and trust is something that is very important to me.