UCLA Head and Neck department — all-star team!


My story begins with other physicians advising me that the UCLA Head & Neck Surgery Department was the only place to receive comprehensive treatment for my head and neck related invasive skin cancer. Following that advice, I began a journey with the UCLA Medical Center that not only included the Head and Neck Surgery Department, but also the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Department, and various other departments. This has been a six-year partnered journey with the highly skilled, compassionate, and professional physicians of UCLA. All of the UCLA physicians with whom I have had contact, are All-Stars beyond description. However, I would like to single out my primary physician, Dr. Maie St. John, of the UCLA Head & Neck Surgery Department for special recognition. Dr. St. John possess the unique combination of exceptional professional skills, and unparalleled passion for the well-being of her patients. Not only has she provided compassionate care for my head and neck issues, she has also provided guidance for all of my other health care needs. Simply put, Dr. St. John takes responsibility for achieving the best possible outcomes for her patients.

In an arena of All-Star practitioners, Dr. Maie St. John has been my MVP. I highly recommend the UCLA Medical Center for all health care needs, and can't say enough about my specific care at the UCLA Head and Neck Surgery Department.