Yay for Dr. Yeh

UCLA Health article

Dr. Kim from UCLA noticed that my wife’s calcium levels were a little high. She was found to have parathyroidism through a blood test and the target was visually located through Ultrasound. We had an appointment with Dr. Yeh and decided to proceed with surgery. From the patient’s perspective, it was a very simple and easy procedure. For the doctors however, it was a complex surgery because of the scar tissue she from a prior surgery. The operation was successful – they found the parathyroid that was causing the problem and also took out several nodules in the thyroid (which turned out to be non-cancerous). Immediately following surgery, her hormone levels went back to normal. While she could have come home the day of, she spent the night at the hospital due to her age and other medical conditions. Everyone at the hospital was friendly, courteous, and professional. My wife did not experience any pain when she got home, and the scar is very minimal.