The teacher and the surgeon - and the friendly bet

October 30, 2023
By uclahealth
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Video by Milo Mitchell

Heather Hatchman, a Ventura elementary school teacher, made a deal with her UCLA Health doctor, breast surgeon Farnaz Haji, MD: If Hatchman finished her breast cancer treatment and worked on her recovery, Dr. Haji would visit her class and talk to her students.

Hatchman's treatment went well and Dr. Haji made good on her promise.

Dr. Haji not only spoke with Hatchman’s class but is now involved with Hatchman’s nonprofit, Vision Young Leaders Academy, through which children are inspired toward future success.

See how Hatchman and Dr. Haji bonded over a shared interest.


Dr. Farnaz Haji and patient Heather Hatchman, a Ventura elementary school teacher, walk together down a clinic hallway.
Dr. Farnaz Haji, left, and patient Heather Hatchman walk down a clinic hallway. (Photo by Milo Mitchell)