Who am I?

I have lived all my life knowing things,
And how everything works.
I know where I am and who I am.
I don’t need anyone to tell me,
What to do and what not to.
I have family and loved ones,
Who are embedded in my soul…
But the next moment, I feel naïve,
Of everything I see and hear.
I don’t understand how things work…
And to perform simple chores.
I can’t figure out where I am and 
How to respond when someone calls…
I don’t know who you are and
Who my family and friends are.
I am lost in my own home…
I feel helpless, hopeless, and frustrated,
As I try to find out who I am…

Dedicated to all the patients suffering from dementia.

Jenny Joby, MSN, RN
SMUCLA Geriatrics Unit

The Brighter Nurse

Coming to work with
lots of knowledge
keeping up with 
the demand each day

The brighter nurse 
handles every situation 
with courage and compassion

Days or nights, work life
brings challenges every day
the brighter nurse keeps going 
assisting others with smile and calm

Holding herself up with passion
the brighter nurse accepts and completes
all tasks in a timely manner

Day starts and ends but the 
brighter nurse shines 
even brighter

Sanjeevan Atwal-Khanna, MSN, RN
Nursing System Float Team