Geriatric Resource Nurse (GRN) Model / Geriatric Patient Care Associate (GPCA)

GRN model is the foundation of NICHE Hospitals. The goal of the GRN model is to improve geriatric knowledge and expertise of the nurse, essential to implementing system wide improvement in the care of older adults. GRNs function in all types of units that have older adults, including medical-surgical units, specialty units, and critical care areas.

The following are reasons to implement the GRN model:

  1. Provide excellent bedside nursing to older adult patients.
  2. Develop a core group of nurses who serve as a resource to other staff.
  3. Stimulate interest in gerontological care and elder care services.
  4. Develop incentives and improve morale for nurses caring for the older adult.
  5. Provide a mechanism for professional growth of nurses.
  6. Enhance the nurse/patient relationship and patient satisfaction.
  7. Promote the effectiveness of the interdisciplinary team.
  8. Increase implementation of evidence based clinical practice.
  9. Provide optimal utilization of hospital services.
  10. Facilitate safe and effective discharges.

Roles and Responsibilities

The GRN/GPCA have increased knowledge and skills in caring for the geriatric patient. The GRN/GPCA practices in the role dimensions of: Patient Care, Peer Consultant, Educator, and Change Agent.