ATLAS (Precision Health Biobank)

ATLAS (Precision Health Biobank) 

The UCLA Institute for Precision Health (IPH) serves as a nexus for interdisciplinary collaboration across the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM), UCLA Health System and the University. In 2016, in collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), the IPH launched the ATLAS Community Health Initiative (ATLAS) to engage a diverse sample of patients across UCLA Health in precision health research. The goal was to create a powerful and robust clinical and genomic data resource for cutting-edge translational research. ATLAS aims to enroll at least 150,000 patients into the UCLA Precision Health Biobank. Genetic information from this large-scale collection of diverse patient biospecimens is integrated with de-identified clinical information from the patient medical record and made available to UCLA approved researchers. To access samples or data click here to submit a request. 

ATLAS Data & Pipeline  

Clinical and genotype data from UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative patients, de-identified for research purposes, are readily accessible to researchers at no charge. This valuable dataset is accessible through the Discovery Data Repository (DDR) hosted on the Azure cloud platform. To utilize the DDR, researchers have three bundle options available: 

  • Cohort Discovery Tool Dashboard - This dashboard enables users to query the Discovery Data Mart, determining patient and encounter counts by filtering data using parameters like diagnosis, procedure, and medications. Results can be further stratified by age and gender. 
  • Discovery Data Repository Desktop – Grants users’ access to the Discovery Data Mart along with tools such as SQL Server Management Studio, Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda, and R Studio for data discovery and analysis. The mart comprises de-identified patient electronic medical records dating back to March 2nd, 2013, including data from the CareConnect Go Live date and any legacy data converted into Epic prior to Go Live. 
  • Discovery Genomic Integration Desktop - Users have the capability to integrate genomic data from the UCLA ATLAS BioBank with EHR phenotypic data from the DDR Data Mart. This integration facilitates various analyses, including genome-wide association studies (GWAS), principal component analyses, and other analyses utilizing commonly utilized genomics command line tools. 

How to access the DDR Data Mart & Genomics Data? 

To request access to any data sets or tools, you must submit a data access request. If you do not already have a User Profile in Collibra, you must create one. Please follow these steps to get access to the DDR: 

  1. Submit a ServiceNow ticket to get access to Collibra; wait for confirmation.
  2. Fill out DDR User Profile on Collibra: CART DDR Dashboard
  3. Enter Name, AD, Center of Excellence, your Director/CAO
  4. Select bundle of Tools/Software/Data you would like to access.
  5. Enter a detailed Justification and explain how you intend to use the data.
  6. Submit the profile creation request.
  7. Upon receiving an email from Collibra, accept OHIA and Compliance DDR Data Usage Agreement.
  8. Please allow at least 2 weeks for your request to be approved. You will receive an email notification upon provisioning of your request from ServiceNow and Collibra.