Citation Guidelines

Citation guidelines for using ATLAS Genomic Data (ATLAS) and the Data Discovery Repository (DDR) in manuscripts, talks or other publications

(Please note: the appropriate marker paper for citation will change over time)

The biospecimens and data collected from participants in the UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative (ATLAS) represent an exceptional resource for genetic studies. As such, we expect researchers who receive financial support from the Institute for Precision Health (IPH) or make use of IPH resources or services to adhere to the citation guidelines provided below. If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to IPH Senior Program Manager, Maryam Ariannejad.

  • If researchers accessed biomaterials, genetic or clinical from ATLAS participants through the Data Discovery Repository (DDR), please acknowledge the following marker papers:
    • When utilizing patient clinical data collected from Electronic Health Records (EHR) during routine clinical care rather than through research (e.g., EHR/DDR, PACS, etc.), it is essential to acknowledge the clinical resource that was used. As of July 2023, DDR references should cite:
      • Chang TS, Ding Y, Freund MK, Johnson R, Schwarz T, Yabu JM, Hazlett C, Chiang JN, Wulf DA; UCLA Precision Health Data Discovery Repository Working Group; Geschwind DH, Butte MJ, Pasaniuc B. Pre-existing conditions in Hispanics/Latinxs that are COVID-19 risk factors. iScience. 2021 Mar 19;24(3):102188. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2021.102188. Epub 2021 Feb 12. PMID: 33615196; PMCID: PMC7879099.
    • When utilizing data generated from participants recruited for the UCLA ATLAS Precision Health Biobank, proper citation should include:
      • Lajonchere C, Naeim A, Dry S, Wenger N, Elashoff D, Vangala S, Petruse A, Ariannejad M, Magyar C, Johansen L, Werre G, Kroloff M, Geschwind D, An Integrated, Scalable, Electronic Video Consent Process to Power Precision Health Research: Large, Population-Based, Cohort Implementation and Scalability Study. J Med Internet Res 2021;23(12):e31121; doi: 10.2196/31121 :
    • Researchers accessing SNP array data from patients in the UCLA ATLAS Precision Health biobank (non-Regeneron) as of January 24, 2022, should include the following citation:
      • Johnson R, Ding Y, Venkateswaran V, Bhattacharya A, Boulier K, Chiu A, Knyazev S, Schwarz T, Freund M, Zhan L, Burch KS, Caggiano C, Hill B, Rakocz N, Balliu B, Denny CT, Sul JH, Zaitlen N, Arboleda VA, Halperin E, Sankararaman S, Butte MJ; UCLA Precision Health Data Discovery Repository Working Group, UCLA Precision Health ATLAS Working Group; Lajonchere C, Geschwind DH, Pasaniuc B. Leveraging genomic diversity for discovery in an electronic health record linked biobank: the UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative. Genome Med. 2022 Sep 9;14(1):104. doi: 10.1186/s13073-022-01106-x. Erratum in: Genome Med. 2022 Nov 16;14(1):128. PMID: 36085083; PMCID: PMC9461263. 
  • For any whole exome sequencing (WES) data generated under the agreement with Regeneron, there are pre-publication review requirements that must be conducted prior to initial submission. Please check with IPH Sr. Program Manager, Maryam Ariannejad, to ensure that proper procedures for review and citation are followed.
  • Additionally, please include the following acknowledgement in all papers and publications using data or samples from the ATLAS Precision Health Biobank:
    • "We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Institute for Precision Health, participating patients from the UCLA ATLAS Precision Health Biobank, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute grant number UL1TR001881, and UCLA Health.”
  •  IPH faculty that receive financial support or utilize supported resources or services from the Institute for Precision Health are required to include their IPH affiliation in grants, presentation, and other media.
  • Any researcher that publishes a manuscript based on IPH data or resources should forward a link to: Maryam Ariannejad, IPH Sr. Program Manager, Maryam Ariannejad.
  • All data sequenced by IPH must be made available to UCLA Researchers 12 months after the PI received the data. If there is a need for a longer embargoed period, please submit your extension request in writing to the IPH Sr. Program Manager, Maryam Ariannejad.