Enrollment into the Donated Body Program

Once the decision is made to donate a body to the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Donated Body Program, completion of registration forms is required.

For immediate Registration, visit our Donor Form page to download registration forms:

  • The Donation Agreement must be witnessed by two persons or notarized by a duly authorized California Notary Public.
  • All forms must be mailed to the Program for review and acceptance or faxed if the need is immediate.
  • Upon receipt and review of the completed documents, the Donated Body Program will:
    • Notify the donor regarding acceptance into the program
    • Provide a registration donor identification card
    • Send copies of the completed registration packet for retention

The University reserves the right to accept or reject an anatomical gift as set forth by health and safety code §7154 (a).

If a donor changes residence, establishes an attorney-in-fact under a valid durable power of attorney that expressly authorizes the attorney-in-fact to make an anatomical gift of all or part of the principal's body, the death of a spouse occurs, or the marital status changes after being registered, the Donated Body Program should be notified immediately.

The information contained on the Vital Statistics Sheet is used to prepare the Death Certificate required by the state of California. The Death Certificate is a permanent, legal, public record and must contain correct information.