Online Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

MARC programs numerous multi day retreats throughout the year. Some retreat are designed for beginners, and some are designed to help deepen an already existing mindfulness practice with exercises such as eating, walking, and sitting meditations.

In addition to daylong retreats, MARC also offers classesworkshopsprofessional trainings.

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Winter Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

This online retreat will include periods of:

  • guided mindfulness meditation
  • instructions on integrating mindfulness into daily life
  • small group periods for discussion and social connection
  • workshops on art, creativity, dance, music, nature, and other topics


You should let your family and friends know what you are doing, but this retreat will NOT require complete isolation from them as on normal silent meditation retreats. We encourage as much separation as possible from the use of technology other than for the purposes of the retreat.

This retreat is open to anyone of ages 16+

Date: Friday, February 4, 4:30pm PST - Sunday, February 6, 1:00pm PST


Friday (PST)

Saturday (PST)

Sunday - Final Morning (PST)

  • 4:30pm Yoga
  • 7pm-10pm PST Welcome, Opening Practice and Orientation
  • 7am Movement + meditation
  • Breakfast/Break
  • 9:15am Morning meditation program
  • 11:45am Small group
  • 12:45am Break/lunch/rest
  • 2:00 pm Meditation
  • 2:45 Workshops or extended practice
  • 4:15 Yoga
  • 5:30 Loving kindness meditation
  • 6:00 Break/dinner/rest
  • 7:00 Meditation
  • 7:25 Wisdom Talk
  • 8:00 Small group
  • 9:00 - 10:00pm Evening meditation and dance party
  • 7am Movement + meditation
  • Breakfast/Break
  • 9:15am Morning meditation
  • 11am Small group
  • 12-1pm Retreat Closing


Retreat Teachers: 

The teachers for this retreat are Marvin G. Belzer, PhD, Cara Lai, MSW, and Matthew Brensilver, PhD, together with Tanzanite Msola, Khalila Archer, and Brittany Kamphues and other staff with extensive experience in teaching with this retreat model. See full list of Retreat Teachers, Mentors, and Staff HERE.

marvin belzer
Marvin G. Belzer, Ph.D
mathew brensilver
Mathew Brensilver, PhD
Tanzanite msola
Tanzanite Msola
Khalila archer
Khalila Archer
Cara Lai
Cara Lai

There are several categories of costs:

  1. Generosity Rate: $350
  2. Standard Rate: $225
  3. Economic Hardship Rate: $100
  4. TMF/ IPP Alumni: $75
  5. No one turned away for lack of funds**

WHEN & WHERE                                                                                                                                           

Dates: February 4-6, 2022

   Fri,  February 4, 4:30pm-10pm PST
   Sat,  February 5, 7am-10pm PST
   Sun,  February 6, 7am-1:00pm PST

Venue: Live-Online Via Zoom

Generosity Rate: $350 

Standard Rate: $225   

Economic Hardship Rate: $100   

TMF/IPP: $75    


UCLA Student: $0


**MARC is committed to equity and accessibility and with this in mind have multiple payment tiers. If you cannot afford the minimum fee and want to participate, please contact us ([email protected]). We are asking for a registration payment for this retreat for two reasons. The first is to create a solid container of commitment and community from participants. In this way we can have consistent small groups, structured workshops and a sense of practice community in our virtual meditation hall. The second is so that we can financially support staff mentors who are committing a significant amount of time and energy to hold the container of the retreat.

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