Dr. Rodriguez is the Henry J. Kaiser Endowed Chair in Organized Health Systems, Professor of Health Policy & Management, and Co-Director of CHOIR at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health. He received his B.A. from the UC-San Diego, his MPH in Health Policy and Administration from UC-Berkeley, and his Ph.D. in Health Policy/Medical Sociology from Harvard University.

His expertise is in organizational analysis and performance measurement, particularly as it relates to ambulatory care and health care disparities. His current delivery systems research focuses on organizational interventions aimed at improving ambulatory care quality, including strategies to enhance primary care team effectiveness. He has published extensively on the measurement of patient care experiences and the impact of delivery system interventions on patients’ experiences of care, including the impact of performance-based financial incentives for physician groups and physician communication training interventions. Measuring the impact of primary care teamwork on the quality of chronic illness care has been an important focus across his research projects in community clinics and health centers, the Veteran Health Administration, and private physician organizations.