Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Operation Mend cost?

Operation Mend covers all costs associated with your clinical care, hotel and transportation. Operation Mend will use your insurance if available. You will never be responsible for any costs associated with your care. 

2. Do I have to be retired to be an Operation Mend candidate or can I be active duty?

Operation Mend is available to all service men and women at any stage in their military career or afterwards (active, retiring, veteran, etc.) who have sustained injuries in the line of duty (combat or training) post-9/11

3. Who can I call to discuss if I'm a candidate or not?

You can call the Operation Mend office and speak directly to one of our coordinators: (310) 267-2110.

4. What types of clinical services are provided?

Click here to see a list of clinical services provided.

5. Who am I allowed to bring with me when I come to UCLA to participate in Operation Mend?

When coming for any procedure or surgery, you are required to bring one non-medical attendant (friend or family member) with you to UCLA. Transportation for your non-medical attendant is covered by Operation Mend. We understand the value of having the comfort of your close family for consultations and medical care and will discuss with you whether you would like to bring additional family members with you for your stay.

6. What happens when my family and I land at LAX?

A UCLA Operation Mend representative will be present to greet you every time you fly into Los Angeles and will escort you to a UCLA shuttle that will transport you to the Tiverton House, the hotel on the UCLA campus where you will stay during your time with us.

7. If I have surgery at UCLA, will I be staying in the hospital?

Although everyone’s care is different, most patients will have their procedures in an outpatient setting. Some patients stay one night in the hospital or surgery center and then return to Tiverton House for additional recovery before traveling home. If you are in the hospital for any period of time, your non-medical attendant/family members will continue to be housed at Tiverton House.

8. Where do my family and I stay when in Los Angeles? And what happens to my family if I do have to stay in the hospital?

You and your family will stay at our wonderful hotel on campus, The Tiverton House, for your entire stay. If you are in the hospital for any period of time, your family will continue to occupy your hotel room. Click here for additional information about Tiverton House

9. I've never been to Los Angeles and I'm a little hesitant? What's it like?

UCLA is located in Westwood, adjacent to Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood and Santa Monica. The downtown area is filled with restaurants, movie theatres, shopping, museums, sporting name it. It is about 3 miles from the Santa Monica beach and minutes from all kinds of exciting scenic and tourist attractions.

10. I'm only coming with one family member and don't know anyone in L.A. Should I be worried about that?

Before you arrive, you will have been asked to fill out our Buddy Family paperwork. After you have returned the paperwork to our office, you will receive a call from either Dana Katz or Clare Suomi in our office to discuss matching you with a buddy family that will be a source of contact and comfort while you are at UCLA. Learn more about our Buddy Program

11. I want to volunteer or work with Operation Mend. What should I do to get involved?

Contact the Operation Mend Buddy Program & Volunteers Coordinator Clare Suomi  at 310-267-1186 or go to Operation Mend Buddy Programs to learn more.

12. I would like to support or donate to Operation Mend. How do I do that?

There are many ways you can support Operation Mend, financially or otherwise. Please click the following link to learn more: Support Operation Mend

13. I know a wounded warrior who might be a good fit for the Operation Mend program. How to I refer him or her?

Review our Eligibility Requirements and/or Contact Us for more information.