Innovative Programs

At East Valley High School, Ms. Sherry Stewart maximizes the amount of exercise her students could get with the first UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind spin bike room.

Program Impact Quotes

Creating Opportunities

Our program provides fitness center grants to schools that lack the standard resources for physical education. At Luskin Academy High School, Mr. Percival Delacruz saw a disparity in his school's resources and addressed it to provide his students with the best possible education they could have.

Community Partners

Our schools share their resources with the community. Ms. Veronica Reyes Varron has been volunteering at Elizabeth Learning Center’s fitness center for eleven years to make it available after school hours.

Student Leaders

UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind installs fitness centers in schools challenging students to adopt lifelong fitness habits and routines. The students of Alfonso B. Perez Career and Transition Center learn adaptive physical education from their teachers, but challenge one another and grow through collaboration with their peers.