The Iris Cantor-UCLA Women's Health Education & Research Center (WHERC) provides education on physical, psychological, environmental, and social issues that impact women's health and well being. Through partnering with local and national grassroots and well-established community and governmental organizations, the WHERC organizes cutting-edge community outreach and consumer education programs for the UCLA Center of Excellence in Women's Health.

The Iris Cantor-UCLA Women's Health Education and Research Center places special emphasis on bringing together physicians, scientists, and community leaders interested in women's health. By providing these experts with resources, WHERC helps to broaden and strengthen clinical care, research, professional education, and community programs to improve women's health and wellbeing. To do this, the Center partners with the State of California, Los Angeles County Office of Women's Health, local organizations, scientists, and educators from a multitude of disciplines and departments within UCLA as well as at other academic institutions.