A financial literacy and nutrition education program conducted by Worksite Wellness LA at Leichty Middle School.

Women’s Health & Money is a health education and financial capabilities training and coaching program aimed at helping low income women balance their health and financial challenges and choices. 

The program moves women towards optimal health, self-sufficiency, and economic security. Programs are held in conjunction with community-based organizations, job training centers, schools, government agencies, community development agencies, and health care organizations.

This program provides life skills training by offering new educational opportunities aimed at elevating income stability and building social capital. Participants gain the tools to advancing their financial goals and health status.

Project aims:

  • Provide education and resources to LMI women.
  • Conduct life skills training on strategies to improve women’s health and financial status.
  • Provide employers a free training benefit to their employees which can potentially improve productivity, morale, retention while reducing absenteeism, accidents, and stress.
  • Focus on the social factors that predict the health status and financial security of low- to moderate-income residents in LA: meaningful and stable work, a living wage income, equity, education, strength of community, and mobility. 

For more information about Women's Health & Money, please contact:

Julie Friedman
Iris Cantor-UCLA Women's Health Education & Research Center
1100 Glendon Ave, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone (310) 794-8062
Fax (310) 794-8170
[email protected]