Photo of Jan R. Cloyde

The Jan R. Cloyde Legacy Award provides funds for students and trainees performing research with the potential to improve the health of women to travel with their mentor to national and international meetings to present their work. Awardees receive up to $1500 in travel costs for meetings in the Continental U.S. and up to $2500 in travel costs for international meetings and those held in Alaska and Hawaii.  Awards are for actual travel costs allowed by the University of California. The student or trainee must be a student or trainee at UCLA at the time of travel to receive the award.

The criteria are:

  • UCLA student or trainee.  UCLA undergraduate, graduate (MD, PhD), and postdoctoral students are encouraged to apply.
  • The student or trainee has been accepted for oral or poster presentation at a national or international meeting.
  • Awards are made based on:
    • Relevance of research to understanding sex differences in health and disease.
    • Likelihood the student or trainee  will continue in a career in research that will improve the health of women, and
    • Potential for meeting attendance to positively affect the course of the student's career

To apply, submit the following materials attached to a single e-mail to the Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center, Gabby Pascua, [email protected].  Awards are made on a rolling basis, applicants will receive a determination of whether they qualify for an award within 90 days of submission. Incomplete applications will not be considered:

  • CV
  • Accepted abstract, poster, or paper
  • Documentation of acceptance for oral or poster meeting presentation
  • One page letter from student discussing why the oral or poster presentation is important to their work/career
  • One page letter from mentor documenting
    • (1) They will accompany the student at the meeting
    • (2) How the student presenting will further the student’s career
  • Mentor NIH Biosketch
Photo montage of Jan Cloyde