Gerardo Moreno, MD, MS

Gerardo Moreno, MD, MS

Family Medicine
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UCLA Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program, 2007-2010

Dr. Gerardo Moreno is Associate Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, and Director of UCLA PRIME-LA (Program in Medical Education) which focuses on Leadership and Advocacy for underserved communities. He is a clinician investigator and his current research focuses on studying effective healthcare delivery in communities for uninsured vulnerable populations including undocumented residents and older adults. His areas of expertise include diabetes in older adults, the evaluation of health system and community level interventions for vulnerable populations, physician workforce diversity, social and structural determinants of health, language-based disparities in healthcare, and medical education programs. Dr. Moreno has published clinical guidelines on diabetes among older adults and studies that have increased our understanding of health disparities and the social determinants of health, and has published on other important issues addressing physician workforce diversity, family medicine, and medical education. Dr. Moreno has a continuity clinic and trains family medicine residents and UCLA medical students. He serves on the Board of Directors for the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) and on the NIH Clinical Aging study section (NIA-C).

He is an educator and clinician investigator with formal training and expertise in health services outcomes research and community-based participatory research (CBPR). He is the principal investigator of a multi-year evaluation of a novel primary care coverage program for low-income uninsured and undocumented patients receiving care in 23 community health centers across 21 California counties. Dr. Moreno received a Masters of Science in Health Services from the UCLA School of Public Health and completed a post-doctoral research fellowship in the Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Foundation Clinical Scholars Program at UCLA.

Dr. Moreno co-directs the Community Liaison Core for the NIH/NIA funded UCLA Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR)/Center for Health Improvement for Minority Elders (CHIME). He was the 2015-2017 James C. Puffer M.D./ABFM Anniversary Fellow at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and is a past recipient of a National Institute of Aging (NIA-NIH) Paul B. Beeson Career Development Award in Aging (K23). He is a past recipient of a UCLA CTSI Community Engagement Research Program (CERP) pilot award that focused on examining the participation of older minority adults in research. Dr. Moreno was also a site PI and co-investigator of an NIH R01 funded research study that examined medication adherence among patients with chronic conditions and language barriers.


Spanish, English


Medical Board Certification

Family Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine, 2007


UCSF Family Practice Training Program, 2007


UCSF Family Practice Training Program, 2005


UCLA School of Medicine, MD, 2004

Areas of Focus



Minority aging, health and health care disparities, physician workforce diversity


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