Joanna M. Schaenman, MD, PhD

Joanna M. Schaenman, MD, PhD

Infectious Diseases
Primary Location
Westwood Specialty Care
200 Medical Plaza
Suite 365
Los Angeles, California 90095


Dr. Schaenman's research is focused on the older transplant recipient and the immune response to viral infection in immunocompromised hosts. As an MD/PhD with a laboratory background in microbiology, she completed Infectious Diseases fellowship training at Stanford University and earned a Master's Degree in Epidemiology. At UCLA, she serves as a consultant on the inpatient Transplant Infectious Diseases service and also has a weekly outpatient clinic. Her research interests are in immune senescence in the older transplant recipient and analysis of the cellular immune response to viral infections with a focus on the kidney transplantation.

Patient Stories

Dr Y. Michael Shino, my bilateral lung transplant pulmonologist





Stanford University School of Medicine, 2011


Stanford University School of Medicine, 2005
Stanford University School of Medicine, 2004


University of Virginia School of Medicine, MD, 2001
University of Virginia School of Medicine, PhD, 1999


  • American Society for Transplantation/Transplantation and Immunology Research Network Research Grant
  • ASP-IDSA Young Investigator Award in Geriatrics

Hospital Affiliations

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center



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  • American Society for Transplantation/Transplantation and Immunology Research Network Research Grant
  • ASP-IDSA Young Investigator Award in Geriatrics